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Bienvenue au Restaurant Pasta4you

Venez dégustez nos Pâtes fraîches dans notre restaurant  de la galerie Nord de Belval Plaza, un lieu idéal pour faire une halte rapide lors d'une journée de shopping ou de travail. 

General terms and conditions of sale Pasta4you

This page sets out the clauses of the general conditions of sale on the basis of which the company PASTA4YOU Sàrl (pasta4you.lu) provides its services through the website http://www.pasta4you.lu that allows visitors and users to have access to the pasta4you website or services (collectively referred to as “the Site”). It is requested to read carefully the General Conditions of Sale before ordering any products from the Site, since any purchase of products for sale on the Site is governed by the General Conditions of Sale of the Site. The transmission of the order by the Site (now or in the future) constitutes the acceptance to be governed by the General Conditions of Sale deferred here, which govern the use of the Site. Pasta4you reserves the right to modify in time, the General Conditions of Sale of   the Site by modifying the clauses reported on this page. The French version of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale of the Site is the only authentic one.

The Pasta4you website is produced by the company PASTA4YOU Sàrl, owner of the Brand with its registered office at 14 Avenue du Rock’n’Roll L-4361 Esch-sur-Alzette registered with the Luxembourg Trade Register under number B222174.

Access to the site

Navigation on the Site implies acceptance of the General Conditions of Sale of the Site. Visitors and users of the Site who refuse to accept the Terms and Conditions of the Site Service are required to leave the Site immediately and will not have the opportunity to order through the Site.

Pasta4you has the right to modify the General Terms and Conditions of Sale at any time. It is therefore recommended to periodically check the General Conditions of Sale of the Site in force since they are binding on users and visitors to the Site. Visitors and users of the Site are required to comply with the policy and discipline in force at the time they place an Order by pasta4you.lu

It is up to visitors and users of the Site to take the necessary steps to access the Site. In addition, visitors and users of the Site are required to guarantee that all those who have access to the Site using their Internet connection, are aware of the General Conditions of Sale of the Site and respect them.

Site User Status

Legal capacity and age: by placing an Order through the Site, the user guarantees:

  • Have the capacity to act and conclude legally binding contracts; and
  • Be over 18 years old.
  • Accepts and declares regarding alcoholic beverages
    • according to the law, the purchase or attempted purchase of alcoholic beverages by a minor under the age of 18 constitutes a crime, as is the purchase or attempted purchase of alcoholic beverages by any adult on behalf of a subject under the age of 18.
    • thus, Orders containing alcoholic beverages cannot be accepted if they come from a minor or are made for a minor under 18 years of age.

Method of issuing the order and drawing up the comamnde.

  1. Filling in the Order: after selecting the products he wishes to order and after providing the requested information, the user can place the Order by clicking on or selecting the “continue” or “order” button or other similar buttons. We remind you that it is important to check all the information issued and correct any errors before clicking on the button or selecting it since once the process of processing the Order has begun, it is no longer possible to correct any errors.
  2. Modification or cancellation of the Order : once the Order has been transmitted and payment has been authorized, it is no longer possible to modify or cancel the Order and no refund will be granted (please refer to paragraph 4.4 for the latest information regarding the applicable process for rejected Orders). When he wishes to modify or cancel the Order, the user can contact our Restaurant directly. However, it is not guaranteed that we will be able to accept the user’s request if the process of processing the Order has already begun. The customer does not have the right to terminate his Order once the requested good has been delivered.
  3. Authorization for payment: in the event that authorization for a payment is not obtained, the Order will not be processed or will not be communicated to the Restaurant concerned.
  4. Elaboration of the Order and refusal of the Order by the Restaurant : upon receipt of the Order via our Site, Pasta4you begins its elaboration by transmitting the Order to the kitchen, providing the information strictly necessary for the management of the Order, and will inform you by e-mail or SMS that the Order has been received and is being prepared.
  5. Preparation of the Order: the estimated deadlines and withdrawals are provided as an indication.

Price and payment

  1. VAT:the prices are those indicated on the Site. Prices include VAT.
  2. Incorrect indication of the price: the present Website contains a large number of menus and it is always possible that on some of them there is an incorrect indication of the price. If the exact price of the Order is higher than the price indicated on the Site, Pasta4you will do everything possible normally to contact the user before the preparation of the Order. In the event that the price is excessively high compared to the price initially agreed, and where the user is a consumer in compliance with the Consumer Code, the user may terminate his Order.
  3. Method of payment: payment for Orders must be made by credit/debit card through the Site or by credit card, cash, restaurant checks or digicash at the time of withdrawal of the order.
  4. Payments by credit card: If the user pays by credit or debit card, he may be asked to show the card at the time of withdrawal of the order, as proof of his identity, which also makes it possible to check that the card corresponds to the data of the receipt concerning the Order. We remind you that from time to time, delays in the preparation of payments and card transactions may be verified; this may result in some payments taking up to 60 (60) days to be debited from the user’s current account or credit or debit card.
  5. Credits or coupons : a credit note or a discount voucher may be applied to the Order if the customer uses a voucher, the Pasta4you points system or a promotional code recognized by the Site and accepted by Pasta4you, and the user proceeds to the payment of the balance by credit or debit card.
  6. Rejected orders:depending on ordinary banking procedures, once an Order for which the user pays by card, has been submitted and the payment has been authorized, the bank or the company that issued the card, reserve the total amount corresponding to the Order. If the Order is then rejected by our Restaurant or cancelled for any other reason, the bank or the company that issued the card, does not transfer to Pasta4you the amount corresponding to the Order and instead makes the amount available again on the user’s account. However, this process could take 10 business days (or more, depending on the bank or company that issued the card). The user acknowledges this fact, and accepts, that Pasta4you will not be liable to the user for the delay due to the period indicated above, during which the bank or the company that issued the card proceeds to the release of funds to the user’s current account.

Customer service

  1. General provisions: Pasta4you considers Customer Service to be extremely important. The user can contact our team at any time via our contact email, or by calling the number indicated on the Site.
  2. Questions regarding the Order: if the Order takes longer than expected or in case of other problems with the Order, the user can contact us by phone directly.
  3. Modification or cancellation of the Order: if the user wishes to modify or cancel his Order after it has been sent and his payment has been authorized, he has the possibility to contact our Restaurant, according to the methods described above. However, there is no guarantee that our team will accept the user’s request since the process of developing the Order may have already begun.
  4. Complaints and feedback from users : in the event that the user is not satisfied with the quality of a Product or the service provided by a Restaurant, Pasta4you invites the user to make his opinion known via the Site, in the form of evaluation, comments and opinions (collectively referred to as “Comments”) that reflect his experience. Comments are an important part of Pasta4you’s quality control process.

Compensation: in the event that the user is not satisfied with the quality of a Product or the service provided by Pasta4you and wishes to request a refund, a proportional reduction in price or any other form of compensation, he is obliged to contact our team directly to submit his complaint and to apply the complaint procedures provided.

Access to the Site

  1. Availability of the Site : although Pasta4you ensures that access to the Site can normally be done 24 hours a day (24 hours a day), Pasta4you nevertheless assumes no obligation to do so and is not responsible to the user in the event that the Site, at a given time or for a given period, is not available.
  2. Suspended Access: Access to the Site may be temporarily suspended at any time, even without notice.
  3. Computer security: Unfortunately, the transmission of information via the Internet is not completely secure. Although Pasta4you adopts all the measures prescribed by law for the protection of the information issued, it is not able to guarantee the security of the data transmitted to the Website; the transmission is therefore carried out at the user’s own risk.

Links to Third Party Sites

Any links to third-party subject sites on the Website are provided solely for the convenience of visitors. The use of these links implies the abandonment of the Site. Pasta4you has not reviewed all third-party subject sites and has no control over them or their content or accessibility (nor is it responsible for them). Pasta4you does not endorse or give any guarantee regarding these sites, their material or the results derived from the use of this material. Any person deciding to access a third-party subject site that is present on the link of the Site, assumes the risks and responsibilities.

Exemption from liability

  1. Information provided on the Site: Although Pasta4you strives to ensure that the information provided on the Site is correct, it cannot promise that this information is correct or complete. Pasta4you may make changes whenever it wishes and without notice, to the material on the Site or to the services and prices described, communicating these changes to users in the same way as the prices and services were communicated to them. The material on the Site may not be updated and Pasta4you assumes no responsibility to update it.
  2. Information on allergies, diets and other information on the Menu: Pasta4you is responsible for reporting on the Site the names, descriptions, prices and information relating to menus concerning allergies. In case of doubt regarding allergy notifications, the content of a dish or any other Information on the Menu, the user is invited to contact our Restaurant directly before placing the Order in order to obtain confirmation of the information.
  3. The estimated production and withdrawal time is purely indicative. There is no guarantee either from Pasta4you that orders will be made available within the estimated time.


Nothing in this Site excludes or limits Pasta4you’s liability for death or personal injury due to pasta4you.lu. Nothing in these General Terms and Conditions of Sale of the Site affects the fundamental rights that the law grants to visitors using the Site, such as in particular the rights guaranteed to consumers in application of the Consumer Code.

Confidentiality of data

The information note in the field of Privacy: Pasta4you undertakes to ensure the discretion and security of users. All personal data of users collected by Pasta4you are processed in accordance with pasta4you’s Privacy Policy. The user of the Site is required to review the Privacy Policy which constitutes, by virtue of this reminder, an integral part of the General Conditions of Sale of the Site.

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